Plastic Waste

Management and handling rules


Responsibility of the local body

Every local body shall be responsible for development and setting up of infrastructure for segregation, collection, storage, transportation, processing and disposal of the plastic waste either on its own or by engaging agencies or producers.
The local body shall be responsible for setting up, operationalization and co-ordination of the waste management system and for performing the associated functions.
The local body for setting up of system for plastic waste management shall seek assistance of producers and such system shall be set up within one year from the date of final publication of these rules in the Official Gazette of India.
The local body to frame bye-laws incorporating the provisions of these rules.

Responsibility of producers, Importers and Brand Owners

The producers, within a period of six months from the date of publication of these rules, shall work out modalities for waste collection system based on EPR and involving State Urban Development Departments, either individually or collectively, through their own distribution channel or through the local body concerned.
Primary responsibility for collection of used multi-layered plastic sachet or pouches or packaging is of Producers, Importers and Brand Owners who introduce the products in the market. They need to establish a system for collecting back the plastic waste generated due to their products. This plan of collection to be submitted to the SPCB while applying for Consent to Establish or Operate or Renewal. The Brand Owners whose consent has been renewed before the notification of these rules shall submit such plan within one year from the date of notification of these rules and implement with two years thereafter.
Manufacture and use of multi-layered plastic which is non – recyclable or non – energy recoverable or with no alternate use of plastic if any should be phased out in Two years time.
The producer, within a period of three months from the date of final publication of these rules in the Official Gazette shall apply to the Pollution Control Board or Committee, as the case may be, of the States or the Union Territories administration concerned, for grant of registration.
No producer shall on and after the expiry of a period of Six Months from the date of final publication of these rules in the Official Gazette manufacture or use any plastic or multilayered packaging for packaging of commodities without registration from the concerned SPCB or the Pollution Control Committees; and
Every producer shall maintain a record of details of the person engaged in supply of plastic used as raw material to manufacture carry bags or plastic sheets or like or cover made of plastic sheet or multi-layered packaging.

Responsibility of retailers and street vendors

Retailers or street vendors shall not sell or provide commodities plastic carry bags or plastic sheet or multi-layered packaging, which are not labelled or marked.
Every retailer or street vendor selling or providing commodities in, plastic carry bags or multi-layered packaging or plastic sheets or covers made of plastic sheets which are not manufactured or labelled or marked shall be liable to pay such fines as specified under the bye-laws of the local bodies.

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